What is expediting ?

Expediting meaning: “speeding up a progress of”. This would be the general definition of expediting.

Aplying this to industry comes naturally and is a basic need especially in industries with longer lead-time or complex products. Expediting is more needed in large scale projects as slippages causing late deliveries could get very expensive and might lead to market share impact and unsatisfied clients. In order to save unnecessary costs and minimize potential risks, companies agree the use of a third party expediter.

Reporting in expediting services is key, companies will agree on the expediting format and frequency in order to better meet the need of each project or order book. Most of the times expediters are experts from companies specialized in the field who keep track of the due dates, supervise on site progress and check whether the components will be delivered on time. Usually expediting reports are accompanied by photographic evidence of the physical progress of the products expedited.